5 Ways To Organize Your Personal Possessions For Storage Like A Pro

24 January 2017
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When you run out of storage space in your own home or just need somewhere to put your furnishings and household goods while moving or traveling, renting a storage unit is a viable solution. Prior to signing a storage unit contract and hauling your things over, here's what you should do to keep everything perfectly organized. Spend a few days downsizing, cleaning up, and packing your personal effects so that moving in and out of your storage unit is virtually effortless.

1. Choose The Right Sized Rental Unit - If you rent a unit that is oversized, you will be tempted to just throw all of your things inside and perhaps accumulate more junk than you need to take with you. Rent too small of a unit and you will struggle while downsizing, forcing you to throw out items that are perfectly good. Rent a storage space that will allow you to keep your things safe, with just a little room leftover so that you are able to move around inside.

2. Determine What Items Are Staying - Even if you are going to be living with the barest of necessities, you will still need enough items to keep you warm, clean, and entertained. Immediately separate a modest amount of personal items that are used regularly from the things that can be put into storage containers, plastic bags, and moving boxes for long or short term storage purposes.

3. Make Up A Labeling System - Writing on the outside of your boxes so that you know what's in them is nice, but happens when you actually look inside? You need a labeling system that is color coded in a manner that helps you to put all like items together and that will also benefit you when it becomes time to unpack.

4. Don't Pack Junk - Your moving storage unit may be affordable, but you don't want to pack up things that you don't need. Spend time going through your items, one by one, no matter how long it takes so that you can pack effectively. As a rule of thumb, any items that you haven't used for two years should not be packed up in storage but should instead be thrown out.

5. Put What You Need In Front - After you fill your storage unit up, you will probably want to stop by on occasion so that you can pick up some of your personal effects every now and then. You can easily become disorganized if you end up pulling out boxes in search of something that you are in search of. Try keeping your most regularly used possessions front and center as to avoid creating a disorganized mess.

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