Best Packing Practices When Assisting A Hoarder With A Move

13 September 2016
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Preparing for a move can be an overwhelming experience for the average person. Some people have other issues such as hoarding tendencies that can make the moving experience even more overwhelming. Perhaps you have a loved one who falls into the hoarding category, and they may even refer to their own self as a "pack rat." If so, you likely know going into the moving situation that there may be some adversity and uncomfortable moments due to your loved one's insistence on keeping all of their belongings. The following are a few things that you can do to make the experience easier for them and you. 

Plan to pack the belongings in sessions rather than all at once.

If you are dealing with a hoarder, packing and sorting will likely be most efficient if it is done in sessions. This is because some hoarders have issues with separating with their belongings. You may have to take breaks and time to explain to them why they have to part ways with certain items. For example, they might be moving into a smaller space, which means that everything in their current residence will not fit in the new location.

Ensure that there are clearly marked containers for trash and donations. 

If you do not have containers clearly marked, chances are that the packing sessions will be counter-productive. This is because your loved one might be distracted or preoccupied with worry about things they want to keep. They might fear things they want getting put into the wrong receptacles. This might prompt them to stop in the middle of a session to dig through containers of refuse. 

Stop packing and sorting sessions when signs of fatigue are evident. 

Your loved might become angry or frustrated if they are forced through packing sessions when they are tired. Taking breaks will aid in them being able to clear their mind and prep it for the next session. It might be more a challenge to get them to give away items if they are tired. For example, some people become irritable when they are tired, and they might exhibit their irritability in an aggressive manner such as resisting to comply. 

Ensure that you are mindful of deadlines.

Perhaps there is a certain date that the residence has to be vacated and cleaned by. If you spend too much time disagreeing with your relative, it may result in you not meeting the deadline. This can have disastrous results. For example, their belongings might be forcefully removed by other means and placed at the curbside. 

Consider hiring a professional packing company to expedite the process. 

A professional packing company is a good resource to use. This would allow you to have more hands working towards a common goal of clearing the clutter. 

For more information, contact a packing service in your area.