Packing And Storage Tips To Assist With Keeping Art Supplies Organized In A Storage Unit

16 September 2016
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If you own a small art supply shop that is overcrowded with supplies, rent a self-storage unit to place overstock that will not be needed in the immediate future. The following tips will assist with packing items so that they remain organized while stored inside of a unit.

Use Large Storage Bags That Seal

Place large pieces of canvas or stacks of paper inside of clear storage bags that seal. In order to prevent materials from being exposed to moisture or excessive sunlight, use storage bags that can be compressed with a vacuum machine. Place materials in stacks before sliding them into bags. Follow the instructions that came with the bags in order to eliminate air from each one.

Once all of the air has been eliminated from a bag, everything inside of it will remain stable. Place all of the bags inside of large bins and label the outside of each container so that you can keep track of the materials that are stored inside of them. 

Place Small Materials Inside Of Bins With Separate Compartments

Purchase bins that have built-in compartments inside of them to store small materials. Items such as pencils, erasers, paint, and glitter can be placed inside of each compartment. Make a list of all of the materials that are going to be kept in one of the bins and the quantity of each material. Use a label maker to create a label for the outside of each compartment. Keep a master list at the studio that you own so that you can refer to it if needed. 

Use Pallets To Hang Large Materials 

If you own large tools with handles or materials that have hooks on them, hang the items across wooden, pallets. Lean several pallets along one of the interior walls of the storage unit that you have acquired. Once materials are hung from each pallet, affix an adhesive label underneath each item that describes what is hanging above it. If you ever need to use one of the materials at the art shop or if you have found an individual who would like to purchase a particular item, you can quickly access it from the storage unit.

By following these tips, all of the materials that are inside of the unit will remain protected and organized. If you decide to move the items back into your shop or to a new location, you will be able to keep track of everything in an easy manner, as well.For more information, contact companies like Carolina Self Storage.