Learning Moving Company Lingo

21 September 2016
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Many people relocate several times over the course of a lifetime. Whether you are moving to take a new job, get married, or just to get a fresh start in a new city, hiring a moving company can help you reduce the stress associated with a relocation. Dealing with moving companies doesn't have to be difficult, especially if you take the time to learn the language associated with the moving industry.

Here are three industry terms that you can become familiar with in order to help you better communicate with your moving company during an upcoming relocation.

1. Binding Estimate

When trying to determine which moving company you will partner with for your relocation, you will want to call several different companies to inquire about pricing for their services. Finding the most affordable company is a priority for most people, but it's important to recognize that not all estimates are created equal. Your best option is to partner with a company that offers a binding estimate.

These estimates ensure that you won't pay more than the company has quoted for its moving services, even if your belongings slightly exceed the weight that the estimate was based upon. A binding estimate will help you avoid unwanted surprises when it comes time to pay your bill.

2. High-Value Article Inventory Form

Protecting your belongings during transit is an important task for a moving company, and most companies have insurance plans in place to provide financial assistance in the event that goods are damaged during a move.

Since most moving companies only insure their loads at 60 cents per pound per article, you may be asked to fill out a high-value inventory article form if your belongings have significant value. Asking for this form if it is not offered to you will help you protect your belongings and ensure that they have proper insurance coverage while being transported by a moving company.

3. PBO

PBO, which is short for packed-by-owner, is an important term to understand when using a professional moving company. Many movers offer packing services to help facilitate the moving process. These carrier-packed items are often insured against damages and must be replaced by the company if something should happen to them during your move.

Items that are labeled PBO may not be entitled to insurance coverage, so it's important that you check with your moving company to determine how PBO items are handled if you want to provide maximum protection for your belongings.

Understanding the lingo used in the moving industry will help you create a more positive moving experience for yourself in the future.